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LEAF BONE™ is a simple, unique, and patented device designed to hold a leaf rake net and passively skim leaves and debris from your swimming pool surface using the water's natural circulation. 


  • LEAF BONE™ attaches to the swimming pool ladder handrail and holds your leaf rake net at the waterline to collect all of the leaves, bugs and debris floating on the surface.  PUT YOUR LEAF NET TO WORK AND SAVE YOUR VALUABLE TIME.

  • Swimming pools are a magnet for leaves, pollen, grass and bugs...especially in the Spring and Fall.  Pool skimmers are designed to suck leaves into a TINY basket and they will quickly fill it and clog the water return.  Left unattended, especially when you are at work or traveling, this can cause damage to the pump or motor.


    • LEAF BONE is designed to be an affordable solution to deal with massive leaf accumulation in your pool.  It will help to protect your equipment and greatly reduce the amount of time spent cleaning the pool.  

    • If you value your time and want to spend more of it in the pool instead of cleaning it...LEAF BONEis the tool to help. 


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