NEW and Available in Spring 2020

The Above Ground Pool Leaf Skimmer Kit offers a unique way to provide a solid mounting for your Leaf Rake Net and provide Hands-Free skimming of leaves and debris.  Our kit uses the popular Leaf Bone™ Leaf Net Skimmer Clip with Blue PVC to attach it to your pool wall top rail.  The "Bone Kit" includes a Blue PVC pipe extension, a Blue PVC pipe Tee, a gray pipe clamp and the stainless hardware to mount onto the top rail.  Installation only requires drilling two small holes for attachment.  The result is a rigid attachment to hold the leaf rake net full of leaves and debris.  LEAF NET NOT INCLUDED - must be purchased separately.


With the success of Leaf Bone™, we have had many requests for an option to use it with In-Ground pools that do not have a ladder.  Our new "Bone Kit" is also adaptable for in-ground pools by attaching it to a small weather-resistant wooden board.  You may prefer to purchase two 2 1/2" wood screws (not included) for mounting it.